Thursday, August 9, 2007


Fabulous Fun Family Times
"And This Ain't No Chicken Poop"

Highlights: Four Wheeling (with Lee guiding), Ticket to Ride and Games, Pinata

Laura Ingles Wilder- viewing the sunset--are those thongs you have on.... your feet? Ha ha ha.

Exploring the gorgeous property provided by guiding experts Lee and Janell...and Shem.

This is how happy and awake the Shorts kids are at six in the morning! We hit the road early to beat Jeff to Oregon!

Jack and Marge took us all to a wonderful breakfast before we said our 'goodbyes.' Thank you so much for including me in your family reunion! I love you all!

Friday, June 29, 2007

From Ohio to North Carolina

Nelson Ledges, State Park, OH

One of my favorite times with the Clarks, besides watching "Thoroughly Modern Millie" and eating the best ever creamy peanut butter homemade ice cream with them, was visiting Nelson Ledges State Park, OH. It's really beautiful here! I love how they took the boys out on an adventure...little Brent is so tough...he loves hiking around and exploring on his own. The best part was when Kyle taught him how to hide behind trees and then step out at the perfect moment and scare us! Brent picked up on it and loved to scare us all the time.

Another great adventure, drove 10 hours South to be with Jarad in Charlotte, NC until July 9th.

On his day off, we went and hiked King's Pinnacle in the state Park. We fed ducks and took pictures of snowy egrets and butterflies. It was a great day off because he's studying tons! That was last week, June 18-23rd...he passed his test, need I say, with flying colors!
Week of June 25-30th, see pictures below. Jarad gets one day off a week and so, here we went to the Dr. Schiele Nature Center/Museum/Planetarium. It was so cool. We found an interesting hog that only exists in NC(the one in the pig-pen)! We found a crazy cow that would bellow so loudly; Jarad tried to calm her down. Then, we were looking for a water snake, but found this cool little water turtle. In the planetarium, we learned about the awesome, guess what guys, look at the moon on Saturday night. It's called a "Blue Moon" because this is the second time, in one month, that we've had a full moon! Also, Saturday night, take your binocs and look for Saturn and Venus, they will be so close together that you can hold out your hand at arms lenght and cover both of them with your thumb.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Having a Blast with the Clarks!

Brent Clark is so much fun to play with! He is such a cute kid! We all had fun going to the park, making cookie dough, swinging, and reading in the library. He loves little airplane books...yeah!

Benson Clark is so adorable! He's about six months old and such a cutie!